Sunday, May 16, 2010

:: Tag by Cokie_Cokie ::

suda lama tidak membuka blog ini..
ape2 pn bersihkan abuk2 yang ade..

bukak2 belog je trus dapat tag..
dari insan cumill bernama Cokie_Cokie..
thanks dear..

it's harder than it looks
copy to your own notes
erase my answer
enter yours and tag twenty (20) people
use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions..
they have to be real
nothing made up
if the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answer
you cannot use any words twice
you can't use ur name for the boy / girl name question.

so, time untuk menjawab..
i loike!

kebiasaan anda dipanggil :

alin, cik alin, alinto

i wanna choose :


so, my initial is :

jom jawab soalan2 nye lak :

What is you name : alin
A 4 letter word : anak
A boy's name : ahmad (abah) ♥
A girls name : azlinnorazia (anak)
An occupation : army
A colour : a...a...ahahaha
Something u wear : a shirt
A food : ayam
Something found in the bathroom : alin punye berus gigi
A place : alin's private room
A reason for being late : ala, xde rezeki nak datang awal..
Something u shout : arghhhhhhhhh!
Movie title : alice in wonderland!
Drinks : apple juice!
A band : alin band..hak3
An animal : ape!
A street name : ampas

aq nak tag korang sume yang bace benda ni..rajinkanla bersenam tangan ye kawan2..hehe..

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