Thursday, April 14, 2011


12 Apr 2011

          That day I have taking my MUET SPEAKING TEST at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Datuk Menteri, Ayer Hitam Johor. Of course I'm feeling very nervous just because this is the first time I'm taking this test and I hope this is the last. Never want to repeat it. It make me double shakky !!

          We arrived at that school at 7.20 a.m. After parking, we were asked to wait at the canteen until 7.40 a.m and then we can go to the quarantine room. I've try to know each other among other candidates. They are very sociable and easy to get on. 

          At first, the instructor gave some briefing, and then we were asked to check our name, and our group members. I be the first candidate who try to check my group name. So excited! HAHA. Just wondering if I can be not the first candidate. Suddenly, it's shocked me ! CIK ALIN WAS THE CANDIDATE A! Damm ! I'm so worried because I don't like to be the first to start.

          Next, we were mentioned that there is one candidate that have taking his muet test yesterday. Even his name was on that day, he already take it on the day before. Then, our name were shift upward. I'm very happy because at that time I already not the candidate A. I be the candidate C. Thanks GOD !

          My group only have three members. One kakak, Jaja (my housemate) and me. They reduce my worried and I hope that we can collaborate while doing the group discussion.

          Tingggggg !

          The bell was ring once ! That's means that was our turn to start the test. I'm taking my seat then while I read the question paper, my first word is "ALHAMDULILLAH". The task quiet easy (The best quality of work should employee have) and I get the most familiar point which is "work as a team". 2 minutes were given just for us to throw any points on the paper. Even I'm still shaking, but I already get my point. When my turn come, I try to speak although using a broken english and and so many grammatically mistakes! HAHAHA. It take about 25 minutes for my group to finish that test.

          After finishing the speaking test, I quickly went downstairs with both of them and then we went back to the canteen while waiting for Dayang (my other housemate). 20 minutes wait for her. Then we went back to our house.

          Everyone feel free for a while after finishing the test. Then we continue our assignment.

*Cik Alin is trying writing an essay because her muet writing and listening test is on 16 Apr this Saturday.
Good Luck guys !


Anonymous said...

wlwpn sumbang aq nk gak komen ye cik alin...gud luck la ye muet writting n listening..hik3..dengar betul2 k cd yg dimainkan..jgn repeat lg mcm aq..but result still same..hehheehe...

Cik Alin said...

amin..insyaAllah. tq2...